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I'm not sure what to do first.
We suggest you read first New Player guide, there's lots of basics explained. In addition, it is highly recommended that you finish all the quests received in the early levels, they are very helpful and guide you on how to handle the basics of the game.

It seems that some of my resources simply disappeared, and my village was not under attack.
It might be that some units are still training: upgrading requires same amount of resources as training (usually gold and iron). Subtracted resources, needed for the upgrade, are not shown in per hour figure.

It is also possible that some of the units/buildings in the queue are now being trained/constructed, and resources needed for that are deducted.

You are able to see resource calculation report if Assistant is enabled on village screen.

How can I send mail / chat / set flag / set photo / rename a village / do things like that?
Most of th features will become available step by step, so you will have time to understand game logic. Look through the help and science tree and also forum for a specific question.

It seems that the buildings and units are long-time 0min? Why have the troops not arrived, and the buildings been finished on time?
All construction and travel times are estimates. All, however, does not always go according to plan, and schedules may be subject to change.Completion of the buildings are generally made in the five-minute intervals, so "0 min" can be even close to five minutes.Typically, troops will remain precisely on time, but can be delayed for several reasons and in extreme situations a move that was supposed to be carried out after another is actually done first. This should be take into account during tactical planning.

My tribe is researching a science and it will be ready in 0 min, I can't research another one!
Your internet browser is not properly updating the status. Please, reload the page, restart your browser and/or empty your browser cache.

Why does population count vary so much?
You have probably moved units in and out of the village - units are included in population count as well.

How can I establish a new village?
You need Settlers, and to train them you need to research sciences: Fortification -> Luxurious palaces -> Colonies. Village is established after you move Settlers to an empty map space.Village can be established even if peace is active. Please note that there cannot be other villages in adjacent spaces.

My units are not upgraded to the next level, why?
Units are slowly upgraded to the next level if their maximum level is not reached, there is a required building (such as Armory). Some of the ordered units need Tower of Secrets, White Altar or Totem Pole. Additionally, you will need resources - upgrading requires the same amount of resources as unit training to level one.

How can I delete my account?
Please, go to the profile page. Deleting account means that you will no longer receive emails from us, including email related to unused diamonds for next round.

Where can I change or add my flag?
In the profile page, after you've researched Nationalism.

My culture is decreasing, what should I do?
Some units (like Devil, Legend, General, Mound guard) need culture for upkeep, it helps if you move them to another village. You may also construct buildings which increase culture production, such as Temple, Monastery, Tavern or University. Jester also increases the culture production. Some events or spells such as Shaman trip, Celebration, Witch trials and Ceremonies helps as well.

Is it possible for more than one person to use the same computer for playing? I've tried to do (something) and there is an error message referring to a plague. Why?
It's possible for more than one person to use the same computer to play GoF. However, some of the actions are disabled between accounts whose origin seems to be the same computer. This is required to prevent users, like those who are playing with multiple accounts, from gaining advantage. This kind of detection refers to a "plague" and it is essential because multi-accounting would lead to the significant issues in the game play. Detection is not perfect however, and for example, two players on the same local network can be detected as one.

Detection is automatic and logic is therefore the same for all the players. Administration will not make any additional decisions to allow usage of blocked features, as this could consequently lead to discrimination between players.

It is possible that game logic will prevent action even you do not know the target player. This means that another player - detected as your another account - have attacked against that target.

If you plan to co-operate with your friend, do not use the same computer for playing, not even once.

Both accounts need to be individualized the same way (SMS / Paypal / Moneybookers) to avoid being blocked by automatic multiaccount preventing system (also known as plague).

Is it possible to change a magic path?

I gave a village to the wrong account, can you fix it?
Because of the practical and technical reasons we are, unfortunately, unable to do such changes.

My village population is not correct?! My village resource production is not correct?!
Assistant enables "Show resource calculation" feature in village screen which shows how resources and population is calculated.

Realm is now finished, can I get my reimbursement for diamonds? Can I transfer diamonds to another player/realm?
All diamonds are compensated when new round of that realm will start automatically, if email-address was confirmed. It is not possible to transfer diamonds to another realm.

A new quest appeared in the current activities tab, but when I clicked it the game froze, so I was unable to accept it, and it has not reappeared? Why don't I get anymore quests?
Quests are prompted again after 12 hours if conditions to get it still apply. All quests are related to certain situations in game, and on later stages there will not be (that many) quests anymore.

The village mentioned in a quest is "?", how can I finish it?
If village related to the quest was destroyed it is not possible to complete it.

Why am I not able to get slaves from destroyed / conquered village even though I have proper skills researched?
Most likely target village was same race as your race. It is not possible to enslave such village inhabitants. It may happen that you have sent attack from your non-slaved village and it had the same race as target village. In that situation you won't get slaves, too.

It looked like that village had only minor defence, but my strong army was beaten totally, how that is possible?
Most likely tribe had pioneer-bonus which gives a huge defence bonus. You may plant a spy to check details of village to avoid such risk. Also tribe history (requires Assistant) shows if there is only one village established, comparing date you may determine if pioneer bonus exists.

Why are passive villages not removed from map, there is no space left?
Small villages (1000 x inactive days) will be destroyed if all of the defender's units are beaten and if there is enough attack power compared to the village population. Honor points are divided by amount of days, when the target village was active. Attacks on abandonded villages will result less honor change then. Therefore all abandoned villages will be destroyed after all. Additionally the shortage of living space is also always good reason for a war, which we like to emphasize.

Village A has a training time X for some unit, but in village B the time is different. What's up with that?
Corruption affects also the training time of units, hence the difference.

Why am I not getting as much culture as I should be? 'Witch trials' -spell doesn't work properly, what's wrong?
The change of culture is calculated so that first all production are summed up, then multiplied with the tax rate and after that the consumption is subtracted. Consequently, for example with 50% tax rate the witch trials -spell gives only 300/h, not 600/h as told in the description of the spell.

Why I can't trade resources in Trader's Guild instead of just buying and/or selling them with gold?
Basically it's the same as first buying with gold and then selling with it. Gold is the exchange currency in GoF, and thus the direct trading of resources is not possible.Trade negotiations allow any kind of trades of units and resources, however.

Why have I got doubled corruption in the newly conquered village?
When conquering a village from a new player (still have pioneer bonus) corruption is doubled as its inhabitants can't stand unfair fight.

Diamonds give too much advantages!
Some players are able to play many hours per every day, and gain much amulets. Some others are not, but they want to be competitive anyway and therefore are willing to buy diamonds. Amulets and diamonds system is aimed to balance these two scenarios - as both of them are needed - giving possibility to buy special items for all players.

Item I need is not for sale, why not?
Items, resources and units are available randomly (some more ofter than others, however), so it is often good idea to buy them in advance. You may also speed up appearing of new items by purchasing some of the relevant ones already on the list.

What is pre-registration?
During pre-registration resources won't inrease, buildings won't get finished, unit training doesn't finish and units don't arrive to the destination. But sciences can be learned, quests can be completed, diplomacies can be taken care of and items can be acquired and used (and this way it's possible to finish building).

Why haven't I gotten Quest X?
All quests have predefined requirement which trigger the quest. All players don't necessarily get all quests, mainly due to advancing too fast or denying an earlier quest in a quest chain. Also, quest prerequisites might change between game versions, so quests don't necessarily appear when expected.

Selling my items, why not?
Free market of items would probably cause misuse and that is a main reason why it is not available.

Why my Pioneer-bonus was active only X days, how is that possible?
Pioneer-bonus duration can vary. It depends on realm progression. When the realm starts, Pioneer-bonus will last shorter, while at the later stages it will be longer. Mostly due to the fact that it should provide better newplayer's adapting to their neighbourhood and advanced players.

Troops haven't arrived on time?
All travel times are estimates. Troops will arrive precisely on time, but in some situations their arrival can be delayed for several reasons and in extreme situations a move that was supposed to be carried out after another is actually done first. This should be take into account during tactical planning.

Old version of the game was better, why did you changed the xy?
We are constantly making changes within the game logic in order to make the game even more interesting, fun and balanced.

Occasionally, some options are creating a situation in which player has access to a significant number of a particular resources/units/items when the game does not offer a challenge and it's not balanced enough. If that happens, we need to change such logic.

GoF is a very multi-dimensional game, and evaluation of the multipliers is a challenging task. That is why such situations aren't being predicted in the planning stage and aren't shown in the testing phase.

Unfortunately, this type of changes means that the player will need to learn a new tactics to meet the challenge of playing the game since the old tactics do not work the same way. We hope you are accepting such challenge - the rules are the same for all players.

If you still think that some change is not so good, you are invited to take a look into the forums and eventually make a discussion about it.

Why there is guild offers I cant buy?
This usually means you don't have the sellers language learned and thus can't buy from him. Also, tribes that are in war with you are shown in the list but you can't buy from them.